Black “902 Fuck The 5-0” Pullover Hoodie (Series III)


902 Fuck The 5-0 Black Pullover Heavyweight Hoodie featuring an embroidered "The PPL.™" logo and direct-to-garment "902 fuck the 5-0" logo designed by Darian Smith Jr. This Edition is known as (Series III) *LIMITED EDITION 

  • Return Policy & Agreements

    Once the consumer purchases the product they are agreeing to a no return policy. It is strongly advised that the consumer will do research amongst the product before making a final purchase decision. 


    These products are limited edition made-to-order. Meaning, once customer purchases the item, the shirt will then be manufactured. Only 50 Shirts will be made, no matter what size. Once the 50th purchase of this edition is processed, the SERIES I edition will no longer be available. 

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