The "Intelligent" #STAYHOME T-Shirt Story

Only 25 PPL.™ will ever own them.

This shirt will forever hold resemblance towards the time of the coronavirus. Showcasing "Mister The Mascot & Family" silhouette home, as well as The PPL.™ LOGO with a handwritten "STAY HOME" text under the bottom. Only 25 shirts will be produced as "MADE-TO-ORDERS". With this unprecedented impact towards the world, this shirt defines the time stamp in history within our culture. & Only 25 PPL.™ will ever own them.

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change."- Stephan Hawking

It's been a little over 60 days in Los Angeles, CA while in quarantine. From the outside taking a peek in, I've noticed an accumulative amount of PPL.adapting to the significant change to the environment around & within them. And to add some enlightenment, it's for the better. Minus the cloudy days, the ups and downs, smiles & frowns, Los Angeles is gaining a stronger sense of intelligence.

"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change."- Stephan Hawking. 

I noticed a lot of families that were hardly ever accustomed to "family gatherings", enjoy being around their loved ones. I noticed a lot of rebellions from the homies, defying against the "rules" of confinement and taking upon opportunities to cater to the community in help of #COVID19 . I notice a lot of my creative peers taking the opportunity to create a mass amount of content and context & even finding some sort of sign of success within their endeavors. I'm paying attention to small businesses practice regulations and shifting their focus to maintaining connection with consumers by providing solutions & offering help to local communities as well. PPL.™ are gaining new hustles in the midst of not getting their stimulus checks, and for those who have received theirs, it's been an uplifting weight from their shoulders when more debt has been cleared. I see PPL.™ practice meditation, catering towards mental and emotional health, and having no excuse to work on their physical health (jailbird style). The overall outlook on social media is looking more engaging than from what I've seen especially a lot of Twitter feeds assisting a #blackownedbusiness. I look forward to the paradigm shift within the culture soon.

So with The PPL.™ CLOTHING being a #blackownedbusiness, I'm proud to say that we have been capitalizing on fulfilling our customer needs during these pandemic with the sales of our neck gaiters, & with the attention awareness we're gathering with our blogs and social media engagements. The support thus far is an overwhelming feeling, and we take all of fruits of labor and place it right back into the field to create a bigger garden. Regardless of the #COVID19 effects, our business is fully operational 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our fulfillment centers are taking safety precautions in making sure the products are being handled with care and time efficiently. The next goal for us is to build a bigger but much stronger following, and to gain more finances to invest into better customer experiences and a diverse set of high quality items.

Quarantine is not going to last forever, so we knew that by producing 25 printed t-shirts in relation to #COVID19, it'll be a time stamp in history that will gain value over the years. Something that will instantly tell a unique story through any form of human expression. & This is why we believe creating this limited edition piece will provide a higher experience of storytelling.



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