How I'm responding to #COVID-19.

Updated: May 7, 2020

It's been about two months since I've been in quarantine.

My response to #COVID19 is by staying enormously engaged with my creative and thinking abilities, hence the recent documentations on my social media platforms of me creating music and designing new clothes. What keeps me sane and spiritually aligned is my connection with my God first and foremost, and the connection I have gained with my supporters through my work. Thank You to my supporters, I know who you are. Thank You for sharing my art, for buying my clothes, for believing in my ideas, for giving me appreciative energy, thank you. And the karma will come around tenfold.

I’ve been promising my supporters and myself included to produce as much content (such as this blog) as possible, to give you a glimpse of my creative and just regular lifestyle. So along with the products I’ve released in relation to #COVID19, and along with my #DSMITHSATURDAYS I’m releasing exclusively on SoundCloud, I am going to produce a lot more written blogs, more videos on YouTube & IGTV, & will be working on a brand new project that will be considered a “INTERACTIVE DIGITAL MAGAZINE”. More details on that will be coming soon.

My message to the readers: What’s your passion? What keeps you happy? What drives you?

Is it goals/endeavors? Money? Family? Legacy? I think the single most important factor during this pandemic is to put an overwhelming amount of focus into those “emotionally and mentally driven” key points. I’ve been getting a few friends saying that they would like to get into ownership of marijuana dispensaries, which is great.. I always suggest to do four to six hours of research on the processes of starting a dispensary, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Articles, etc. Write down the micro steps to take, and make it a weekly focus to accomplish those steps. I have a couple of friends that want to do nails. Same process, do some research. Look up on Pinterest: nail designs, Google equipment needed for pedicures, watch YouTube videos of small businesses in that field.. Gain & spread information & value.



Due to #COVID19, we’ve decided to craft items in preparation for quarantine. We have Neck Gaiters, Quarantine themed t-shirts, and will be producing more items for stock soon.

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