The PPL.™ CLOTHING Presents: "902 FUCK The 5-0"

Since 2015, police have shot and killed an average of 3 people per day. - Washington Post

Los Angeles Police Department is the leading department with the most fatal shootings in an urban area.

I have witnessed countless videos of unarmed black men getting shot and killed at a very fast rate since 2016. And have read numerous articles.. I have experienced a number of altercations with the police, most of them turn out to be aggressive, none fortunately lead to the death of me. Though, I'm sure it's been very close. My very first altercation with the police was during my time in Child Protective Services in Houston, TX when I was about 15 or 16 years old. A verbal disagreement spurred, which led to it getting physical due to me not complying with unlawful orders, and I wind up getting a felony for fighting with an officer.

I've had a few altercations with the police in between that moment up till now. My latest one with the police is with Hawthorne Police Department, located in Hawthorne, CA in southern Los Angeles. Ironically, it's my first time actually admitting that I've done nothing wrong to lead to a wrongful arrest. It was around midnight, I happen to take a walk down 120th St, walking towards a Ralph's, and a undercover police car silently pulled up beside me and asked me what was I doing. I explained to him that I was coming from a 24 hour donut shop, and I was on my way to a studio. He left, and I turned down the next street to stand around my lady's house and smoke, just in case any other officer tried to question my whereabouts.

I turn the corner, sit down near a fire hydrant at the end of the street, and a cop car turns on the street and proceeds to my lady's house (which is the first house to pull in to), pulls in and reverses proceeding to head towards me. When the car reaches to where I'm seated, an officer in the passenger seat noticed me. He tells me to leave because there are phone calls reporting that there is someone trespassing an area. Confused, I ask that why do I have to leave an area when I'm doing absolutely nothing wrong. He proceeded with anger and just asked me to leave, I got up to leave while breathing under my breathe saying "this is bullshit."

The driver drives the car in reverse, and the passenger begins to say, "Hey, we're just trying to help and you're over here being a dumb ass." So i tell them, "Fuck You!". Which lead to them storming out of the car and aggressively subduing me to the ground. I couldn't breathe, and I thought about Eric Garner. I tried to make sure they didn't dislocate my shoulder because I can't pull my arm back a certain way or it will pop, they screamed, "Stop resisting!" I thought about Michael Brown. My lady happened to be across the street and didn't know it was me at the time, I thought about Philando Castile and how his girlfriend and baby had to witness his murder. I was handcuffed, thrown inside of the car, and was charged with three misdemeanors that I'm currently fighting, to make sure I don't have work up another strike on my record.

So that is why I initiated the #902fuckthe50 campaign.

This campaign focuses on the unjustified shootings from police officers, unlawful arrests, the abuse of the justice system from within, the corruption of our government. This is for the countless black men and latinos that have been forced to comply with angry police officers (who not only threaten them with brutal force), just because they fit a stereotypical description of a suspect. This is for the innocent lives that have been taken by a police officer, when they weren't even part of the crime to begin with.

#902fuckthe50 screams out a powerful yell towards the unlawful officers that practice corrupted acts against our neighbors. OUR neighbors. The man you see taking his walk every morning, the mail-man with his regular routes, the lady you see pushing the stroller, the homeless man that collects cans, these are our neighbors. And we need to protect each other. It screams out a calling to our neighbors and join together and rise for a cause to push a righteous image of unity among each other. The foundation begins at home for me, in Los Angeles, 90250 area. (Incidents like this date back even further with Hawthorne Police) And this message can spread even further in any creative but truest form.

God Bless Us All, & Stay Dangerous.


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